DRG - Facts 2018

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    Wie lange bleibt die Anmeldung offen? könnte man sich noch anmelden, nachdem man weiß ob der Bot Hannover überlebt hat?
    Werde kaum bis keine Zeit zum reparieren haben dazwischen, und nur ein bot... da ist bei beidem anmelden irgendwie riskant.

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    great, thank you!

  • Ich habe mich angemeldet, Hotel ist auch gebucht.
    Angemeldet ist:

    Ein Raptor (Dieser nimmt auch bei MMM Teil, bei zu starken Schäden könnte er noch ausfallen)

    Ein Feather (Diesen baue ich gerade, ich weiß nicht, ob er bis dahin fertig wird.)

    Also sind beide Roboter noch etwas fraglich.

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  • 11 beetleweights
    10 raptorweights
    34 featherweights

    The Netherlands

    404 Team Not Found
    Ankylo (F)

    Alien Destructor
    HDPecker (F)

    Catharsis (F)
    BonX (F)
    Rambi (F)

    Metal Skull Robotics
    Equinox (F)
    Omega (F)
    Otis (R)
    Bequinox (B)
    Orbit (B)

    Team K.a.L.M.
    Bulls it (F)
    A goodnights kiss (F)
    OMG! (B)

    Team R.C.C (NL/BE)
    Kashei Besmertnye (F)
    Nebelwerfer 4 (R)
    Perun (R)

    Team Upstart
    Bintang (R)
    Schwalbe (B)


    08/15 Robots
    Surgeon (R)
    Schlechtes Vorbild (R)
    Jalapeño (F)

    Dark Voltage
    Katapult (R)
    Rammbock (F)

    Die mächtig Mächtigen
    Kackeblaster (R)

    Wall-E (B)
    Lightjockey (R)
    Disruptor (R)

    United Kingdom

    Bad Timing Robotics (UK)
    X-303 (F)
    Bald Unicorn (F)
    The O’Neill (B)

    Apex (F)

    Sparkles (F)
    Bling Bling (F)

    Team ARD
    Telekinesis (F)
    Pendulum (F)

    Team Conker
    Binky (F)
    Conker 3 (F)

    Team Hydra
    Absolution (F)
    Twisted sister (F)

    Team Medbots
    Phileep Senior (F)

    Team Tilly
    Red hot tilly pecker (F)
    Beauty 9 (F)


    Swiss Mountain Robotics
    Lahar (F)


    Cereal Killer
    Yazhi (F)
    Bharatho (F)

    Team Punisher
    Punisher (F)


    Original Hunter Robotics
    Orion S (F)
    Manta Ray Mini S (B)
    ?? (B)

    The Force Robotics
    Plasma Gun (F)

    ?? (F)

    ?? (F)


    Trincabotz CEFET-MG
    Cérbero (F)
    Tomahawk (B)
    Drumsday (B)

  • Ohha, was ein Aufgebot an Maschinen!!!
    Habt ihr mehr Platz als letztes Jahr?
    Eigentlich bräuchtet ihr eine deutlich größere Arena. :winking_face_with_tongue:

    Kommen die ganzen anderen Teams gesponsort von FMB,
    oder weil es ein Finalticket für China zu gewinnen gibt? :grinning_squinting_face:

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    Quote from Bot-fan

    Eigentlich bräuchtet ihr eine deutlich größere Arena.

    So wie man es im DRG Forum Lesen kann wird es wohl eine andere Arena geben, zumindest wurde über einen Testaufbau ein Wochenende voher geredet!
    Eventuell aber auch die alte Heavy Arena die mal in Sandford stand, die gab es ja schon lange nicht mehr!

  • Hello, roboteers,

    The European championships organized by Dutch Robot Games (DRG) at FACTS is only a few weeks away! We are very excited about the competition and looking forward to welcoming you in Gent.

    Here are a few things you need to know:

    The competition is on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 September.

    The doors of the expo open at 10:00 AM to the public. We ask everyone to arrive before 9:00 AM on both Saturday and Sunday. We will provide you with information about travel and parking in the week before the event. The competition draw will be on Saturday at 10:00 AM.

    On Saturday there will be 5 rounds of fights.
    On Sunday there will be 4 rounds of fights.

    We will offer the possibility for some whiteboard fights as well.

    The deadline to sign up is September 17th. We will inform you about the final competitor list at that time. (You can already see the current list via our Facebook event). We are not selecting competitors, so you are in!

    The sign up is open until the competition is full, please feel free to forward the event to others that might be interested.

    We will do tech checks until Saturday 10:30 AM. For the tech check/rules, we will follow the FRA standard. (http://www.fightingrobots.co.u…ent/23-rules-and-safety_1 ) You need to pass the tech check to compete. Please be prepared to do your tech check as soon as you arrive on Saturday.

    FACTS is a Comic-Con-like event and when you are not busy fighting or repairing your robot, you have free access to all parts of this event. Expect to see a lot of cosplay! (Of course, you can dress up as well if you like)

    This event is the European qualifier for the FMB World Cup. This means the top 2 featherweight robots will be selected for the FMB World Cup finals in Sanya early 2019. Because of this and the busy competition season, DRG and FMB will be providing a small stipend for each featherweight team (which you will receive after passing tech check).

    Dutch Robot Games runs on a small group of volunteers and we welcome all help in setting up this event. On Friday 28 September we will assemble the arena, this will start around 1:00 PM. You can also get your robot and tools inside the venue early and do your tech check on Friday.

    On Sunday after 6:00 PM, we will disassemble the arena and clean up. It would be great if you can stick around and help, if we all work together it will be done in an hour.

    Flanders Expo
    Maaltekouter 1
    BE - 9051 GENT (Sint-Denijs-Westrem)

    We will send you more detailed info in the week before the event. If you have any questions about the competition before that time, feel free to contact us via info@dutchrobotgames.nl or send us a message via Facebook.

    Best regards,