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  • Hello, i'm Mystic, i'm a new roboteer for France looking to finish my first beetleweight robot and enter it in the next MMM event in April (assuming COVID doesn't throw a wrench into that), at the moment this is the current progress on the robot:


    At the moment, there would only be screwing the left drive motor and top panel and adding the safety link and power lights to have a working robot that, to my knowledge, would be legal, but i'm considering trying to cut down some weight (currently it's sitting at 1370 grams because the thing is really wide, around 30cm if we don't count the wheels) to add some sort of a servo lifter on it, if only to not be just a boring weaponless box (original plan was to add paint scrapers at the bottom to make it sort of like a "dustpan")

    If i do go with that i'll probably shrink the chassis's width and only keep the front section as it is, cause really wide stance would probably annoy anything that'd rely on flanking (and also the front panel would then double as wheelguards from the front), current plan for the lifter would be some kind of thin 3D printed forks that'd get swapped out for another thing or removed entirely when facing a horizontal spinner, since they'd just be easy damage points for them, only issue is at the moment my only available filament is PLA, which i know to be pretty bad for robot combat, especially at BW level, so idk if that'd suffice, even if i don't run them against spinners.

    As far as specs go:
    BBB's 22 gear motors for drive

    7mm thick chopping boards for armor, L-brackets for attaching them together

    850mAh 3S lipo batteries for power

    ESCs are some china ESCs that i sadly don't really remember anything about (had those around for a looooooong time)

    hopefully gonna be posting more updates sorta soon as i rework the chassis to be smaller, get my hands on a suitable servo + BEC and work out how to set-up the lifter

    P:S apologies for posting in english but i'm really bad at german so figured decent english would be better than very broken german lol

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    Hey there! Nice to hear from you.

    English is fine but if you feel like improving your German we will not hang you for making mistakes. Your German is probably much better than my French.

    One of the few sentences I am able to say is: Je ne parle pas francais.

    But let's get to the topic: Nice bot!

    I also like the idea of the dust pan but I agree that having an active weapon is much more fun (that said from a long time pusher-only-roboteer).

    Chopping board is usually made from HDPE or PP which is neat for the use in bots.

    Depending on how much of an air gap you have between your armour and the electronics you might want to add additional armour to the front.

    I also have a pair of the bbb drives, but at 3S they were too slow for my taste. However you seem to have quite big wheels which could compensate that. Another option would be switching to 4S. BBB shop saiys that they should be used up to 3S but several roboteers have already used them on 4S.

    Regarding April I am still in doubt that such a big event will be allowed already but we will see. Anyway there will come a time to meet in the arena again. Until then we have a lot of time to build bots and test and improve them to perfection :winking_face:.

    I am looking forward to hearing from your progress!

  • unknown.png?width=1179&height=670

    We has progress, i finally stopped being a lazy boy and pretty much finished the main chassis, slanted the little side extrusion thing to save weight and mounted the second motor and wheel and added the top plate, atm i just need to get all the electronics set up and get some sort of wedge so i can actually do things, and then it'll finally be alive

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    Hi Mystic,

    very good to hear/read from you. :thumbs_up:

    When you have added the electronics and so on...., could you post a foto with the "insides" of your bot?

    Please don't missunderstand my comment now. But I think, the two screws on the top for fixing the botton plate are to less. (Or isn't it finished yet now? )

    Best regards

    Reiner / IBF

  • Good Morning to France,

    that looks good.

    I think that there are two points that can make your bot very stronger:

    1. Maybe it would be nice to add an flexible pin at middle of the back wall, so that its impossible to land on the back wall by fighting.

    2. it would be great for fighting to have an inner frame at your bot. Exchanging the inner angles for an welded metal frame would push your bot stronger. The inner frame is also possible to build with unwelded longer angles. For example just google the word "angle profile steel" or "profilé d'angle acier". These profiles are cheap an can be cutted with an saw or an angle grinder.

  • It's about time i post an update, and a rather important one:


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    only issue is that rn the wheels seem to fall off way too easily, but i'll probably switch to some fingertech twist hubs i have around to attach the wheels to fix that problem

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    That looked so very similar to the first time Hammerschwanz moved... only with smaller wheels, and not in its first fight^^

    How did you mount the wheels?

  • swapped the hubs on the wheels for fingertech twist hubs and now the things are actually staying on

    next step is removing some material on the side and back panels that are poking beneath the baseplate and making the ground clearance dangerously low (i can literally get high-centered on my kitchen floor, so imagine on a beaten-up wooden floor) and adding a paint scraper "wedge" to have some means of attack

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    Good thing about builds like that is all you need for most repairs is a 20€-sheet of HDPE or similar, a jigsaw and a few screws to fix it after a spinner :winking_face:

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    2020-07-26 Knackwurst

    Du hast den Imbusschlüssel gekürzt, damit Du in die Felgenhöhle zum Schraubenkopf kommst? (oder täuscht der optische Eindruck? => Dann vergiss die nachfolgenden Zeilen)

    Kleiner Tipp, den ich von Flatliner-Dirk geklaut habe: Eine Bohrung im Reifen bzw. der Felge. Damit kommt man von aussen mit dem langen Ende des Imbusschlüssels ran. :smiling_face_with_halo: