• Dortmund 2019.

    Perun did well actualy, only 1 failure in the weekend. A motorcan unscrewing itself from the front plate.
    The fact the machine isn't very aggressive and the driver, Babeth, is learning to cope with the new drives in combat situations, made the ranking not as high as some would like.

    Upgrades? Replacing the scoop and some wheel protection seem right.

    Nebelwerfer4 shows maturation. The 2 failures. A broken belt and a lose weaponmotor wire can be traced to me, not the inherent machine, what came trough with only some scrapes, dents or otherwise cosmetic issues.
    With a load of spare armor parts in our toolbox, non have been used, and won't be needed.

    Upgrades? With 500 grams+ in reserve, we can do a lot. But the main thing will be cleaning up the wiring and simplifiying maintenance. I doubt weaponpower needs an increase.

  • After Dortmund Life had other plans for Team RCC.

    But with Hannover comming up, we got together and started on Nebelwerfer earlier this evening.

    Armor looks chewed, but isn't weakened. So, we're still running the original parts. We'll replace the stickers tough. And maybe add some extra .

    The disk. Bushings are cracked and running on Ti is wearing them out faster than expected. So, we installed the spare disk, and the old one is getting new bushings later this weekend, becoming the spare. Try that with bearings, 4 events , and still working.

    Frame. 6mm Ti. Nothing to see, repair or replace.

    Electronics. Replaced some gaffatape labels and connector taping. Tested the whole, and we declare Nebelwerfer 4 ready.

    Perun. The wonky scoop-slider plate is replaced with a nicely curved one. Now to drive a few kilometers over road to grind it down.
    All the rest, just like Nebelwerfer, looks chewed, but nothing wrong in itself. Some new stickers ,and ready to rumble.

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  • Hannover came.

    Perun had 1 failure. The 2 motors uncrewed themselfs from the frontplates. Still, 3th place with a non pushing brick.
    Just getting more motorsupport, and Perun is ready for FACTs.

    Nebelwerfer. Look at the opponents, and that with only worn out belts as damage.

    We didn't even lose any wheels this event...

  • I've seen you using a Copper or Brass bushing on Nebelwerfer for the Spinner.
    Wouldnt it be better to use Ball- or Needle Bearing?
    Or is it because of Reliability reasons that you are using this simple setup?
    Are you using some sort of lubrication?

  • Simplicity and cost. Wear isn't an issue, and friction loses in modern bronze "oil" bushings are not crippling.

    As I said in the past, if bronze bushings were good enough for 40 000 ton+ Battleships, it should be good enough for us. (I have to admit, bronze was used for the 100rpm drive shaft bearing, the 1000ton+ turrets rotated on roller bearings, for 1rpm...)

    If you make the equation between ease of use*, weight, reliability and cost, bronze bushings beat the snot out of any ball, needle or roller bearing.

    On the other side, we added trust needle bearings in Nebelwerfer as an upgrade, and we like the effect. But we keep bronze rings as replacements at hand.

    * Turning a bronze bushing to size in a hardox disk is simple.
    Adapting a ball/needle/roller bearing to fit the laser/watercut hardox hole, or finishing the hardox part , that's another story.

  • Fair enough. You have some solid points.
    I was just a bit surprised since I only know soft Metal bushings from the excavators I'm working on
    and the arms are not moving that fast :P

  • Oh, that kind of job is not unknown to me. Worked a few months on Case and Poclain excavators and simular machines. Got a story from one of the "old hands". They tried nylon and simular bushings to lower mainetance and cost. (Bonze is expensive compared to most plastics)

    The hardened shafts wore out superfast. Every bit of sand and such that got in between shaft and bushing got embedded in the plastics and formed a kind of grinder.

    Warning Bredero, the way those are build is less "weight" consious.

  • Oh well. Getting Nebelwerfer ready for FACTS.

    Armor will go from 5mm on the thinnest spots to 6mm. Just to be sure. To compensate this, the 30mm part is reduced to 20mm
    Most aluminium is removed, and replaced with more titanium.

    Batteryspace is increased with 30%

    The spaghetti wiring is being rerouted and upgraded to "Wet Noodle".

  • Our stable of Raptors has now 2 Peruns running. And Nebelwerfer still goes strong.

    All drives are brushless, Perun 2 got a small upgrade to TPpower 2920 10Y motors to replace the bigger self-unscrewing purple HK's.

    Perun 3 is using exactly the same drivbes as Kasirga....