• Hi leuts mal ne frage in die runde

    weiß jemand noch wie der kunststoff hieß den leo für seine panzerung von haniballito und nebelwerfer verwendet hat ? :)

    und habt ihr vielleicht schon eine bezugsquelle wo man das her kriegt???

    danksöön schonmal im voraus!

    Createur de Robot :D

  • We buy the HDPE, and other industrial plastics, like polycarbonate at the firm Nemetal , nearby Antwerp.

    1 thing. HDPE is light and tough, but not hard. Virtualy unbreakable. With a cheaper pricetag than polycarbonate, lower weight and better resilience.

    Also handy to know, with the right equipment this is easely weldable, as we already knew, but now can do.

    Pricetag(depending on oil price) for small quantity in plate €5-6 per kilo is normal, rod is a bit more expensive with €7-9 range.

    This pricetag can greatly reduce when you start to buy large quantities. The arenaroof for the DRG was bought for less than €3 per kilo. But think in the 100's of kilo's then.