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    I solve the buffertank problem in another way.

    Most modern bottles have the M25*2 tread.
    Very difficult to find ,and expensive to buy.

    I just retread the bottle with a 3/4 bsp.
    And that is not difficult, nor expensive to find.

    As long the tread is put in straigth, the bottle can withstand the normal rated pressure- 300 bar in most cases.
    Big disadvantage, you cannot use it as a normal storage bottle anymore.

    We buy the HDPE, and other industrial plastics, like polycarbonate at the firm Nemetal , nearby Antwerp.

    1 thing. HDPE is light and tough, but not hard. Virtualy unbreakable. With a cheaper pricetag than polycarbonate, lower weight and better resilience.

    Also handy to know, with the right equipment this is easely weldable, as we already knew, but now can do.

    Pricetag(depending on oil price) for small quantity in plate €5-6 per kilo is normal, rod is a bit more expensive with €7-9 range.

    This pricetag can greatly reduce when you start to buy large quantities. The arenaroof for the DRG was bought for less than €3 per kilo. But think in the 100's of kilo's then.

    According to what I heard the rules mandate 10mm polycarb as a minimum for the sides, heavy or feather arena- no difference, strangely enough-
    Roof is 5mm polycarb minimum.

    Sorry for the English, as my german is really bad.

    But I'm asking the same question here as I asked on the UK forum.

    What if an organiser just ignores the FRA?

    Mechaniac.. I'm even can go futher. I aquired a Titanium rod diameter 12mm , with some good machining....

    The chemical CO2 generator... sounds nice, but I was thinking in the line of the very small sodastream bomblets, like in car based powder estinguishers. 22 grams full, with 8 grams of CO2 in it, so tank alone is 14 grams.

    @ Mechaniac, The body material is brass.
    And the scale I used is a very accurate scale, used to messure the controleweights of the Senseopads.
    Allowed deviation on the scale 0.01 gram.The 18.4 grams is accurate, and I guess I can even lower that.

    Unfortunatly, full pressure CO2 isn't allowed in ants, 7 bar is the max, so this ram isn't more than a "testcase"
    And the next difficult thing is the valve.(will see if I can build one)

    And I'm currently not interested in building ants. I keep it with heavies,and branching out to feathers.

    But if someone is nuts enough to order a ram like that, I will make it completely from ali, gaining 4 to 5 grams, If that person is willing to pay for the time I put in it...

    There is only 1 difference between a hydraulic system using Oil as working fluid compared to a water using one.

    Suitablity of pump,valves and other equipment.

    Oil is namely a lubrificant, and has higher working temperatures -big advantage.You don't want low pressure steam in the watertank.

    Also.. water has a small disadvantage.. it weights more than oil. and in this setup, it isn't a consumable.

    We did think about simular systems.
    And asked Derek about them.

    A combined Hydraupneumatic sustem is allowed, but with the pressures allowed for each part. So a 70-201 bar system will be the result.

    Now, water as consumable isn't allowed.Period.. the dangers of short cirquits and a damaged arenafloor is very real.So Derek axed this idea on the spot.(I had Ice in mind.. for armour.)

    1 Mini camera, wireless, with reciever(for a max of 4 camera's) newprice £140, now for sale for 120€(new, never been used)

    1 Festo 1/4 bsp 5/2 valve 24V solenoid new 30€
    1 50 diameter 300 stroke cylinder new 30€
    1 quick exhaust valve 15 eu
    1 Regulator , to be rebuild to fit, 60 eu.(too extensive rebuilds cost a little extra)
    All fitted with 10mm festo push locks
    1 1.5 kg CO2 bottle, with uptube if needed CE /PED approved 75€.
    (nice low pressure axe starterkit)

    1 series wound 1.5 kw motor,3 point -so reversable without rebuild , with Sevcon SL1 12-36V 150A speedo and Albright steering relais SW 88B 24V +overdrive Albright SW80B 24V relais (2.25 kw -with the speedo 5.4 kw max on 36V,and torque from here to eternity-ideal for a spinner)

    2 big ali heatsinks 10 eu

    Recievers will die is they get more than 7V, some of them can survive maybe 8V ,but not more.
    In very rare cases, mostly once off recievers to plug in 10 cell-12V packs, but I never seen things like these.

    The best way to switch a low amp load(as to steer a bigger relais)is trough an Failsafed RC switch.

    These are rare, as only,if i'm correct the electronize switch can handle loads above 24V
    Now the Futabe RC switch can take very light loads at 36V ,but not for long,and the relais mounted on them will fail after only a fraction of normal life expectancy.

    We are lucky a Dutch Roboteer developed a double, solid state 36V 5A capable failsafed, fully programmable switch. But I expect this will stay as it is, a custom desing for every customer.As everybody has other idea's of what a switch mudst do.

    You need to switch Volts for amps.
    So if a 24V solenoid needs 0.5 amps, that gives 12W, you need a 12V 1Amp solenoid to imitate that? So you need about half the internal resistance with thesame amount of turns.Thicker wire, so a larger solenoid will be the result.If you want to play the game safe. You also can gamble on lesser turns to decrease the internal resistance, so creating a 12W 12V solenoid, but then magnetic power will drop.

    The 15 kg unit is based around the Mag S28/150, and for pump a 0.9cc gearpump capable of running 9000 rpm.
    For valves I selected Sterling cartridge valves.2.7 kg, Relief, weapon steer and manual regeneration valve included.
    Hoses lightweight Pirtec polymer hose.

    Cylinder would be custom made.For example the one I build for Tiberius is less than 4.5 kg for a 70*150

    Other system what's hanging about is the TAN drive/weapon.
    250CC 30Kw engine, 10CC gearpump,custom proportional valves( in development-direct RC steered.)for motor steering. Selected motors are the Danfoss OMM 25
    Other valves are Sterling cartridges.

    Sorry to use English, but it's better to read than my German.

    @Django. 7075 T6 isn't weldable, the welds are brittle and the surrounding area loses all the good qualities.
    It isn't used in plateform in any aircraft, it's mainly used for motorbrackets and things like that, 3d forms milled and turned out of BIG blocks. How do I know, I asked for leftovers at Sabca.Now I know sometimes when and how much certain scrapyards have.Still not easy or regular. Thinnest piece I found to date 35mm*600*230.

    About Hardox

    It is still damageable, but it can take a lot more than other stuff.After a year Life events and a war we have dents,scrapes and even 1 very tiny hole(in a welded part)? The HDPE wheels on the other side.. they need replacement a lot more.
    The things we noticed.
    The welds are softer, about good grade normal steel.
    It oxidizes faster than normal steel.
    When working it with household tools ,like anglegrinders, normal drills and so on, double or triple the needed disks,drills or any other cutting tools.

    The 3mm version we have is a very rare thing, and we had to aquire it in 6*2.5m size.But we use also 4 and 6mm thick plates in Tough As Nails.

    Sorry, I can read German, but not write it in any understandable way.So I use something most can read.

    A weapon inside 15kg.

    Latest developments allow me to build a complete hydraulic instalation for 15 kg.
    Pump/motor/ram/valves/reversable oiltank.
    All valves. Relief and weaponsteering and manual regenerating valve.
    Biggest disadvantage is cost, as all the parts are unfortunatly new.And the ram is completely custom build.
    With a little luck the succesor of Tiberius III will be fitted with this system.