• Just making a custom hubmotor ring spinner after seeing Wajoo in person. That bot was incredibly awesome and really wanted to make something similar as that incredibly flat bot ^^

    There were no super flat motors i was happy with and my grandpa gave me some harddrive motors and after a little bit of testing i found out that i can easily convert it into a hubmotor (Though i have to change almost everything in it so i would just say its a fully custom motor at that point.)

    Its a little sad i can't really send a video of it working but the motor KV is around 1500Kv~ And it is pretty darn strong and fast which i was super super happy about.

    Some Info about the motor

    15 Poles
    0.3mm Enamelled copper wire
    25 turns per pole
    125 turns per phase
    375 turns total
    42mm OD, 2.5mm Height, 20mm ID
    2mm thick
    4mm wide
    8mm long

    What i did to make the hubmotor work:

    Rewind the HDD Motor (See Specs)
    Make a new magnet ring
    New steel can
    (I hope it can be seen why i just call it as a whole DIY motor- Really the only thing left from the motor is the stator- Otherwise everything else is completely different.)

    There are still a few issues like spinup but when it gets spinning its a viscious force that i just cant wait to see hit something in the arena :)

    Just some random maker

  • Do you use blheli esc? Try lower timings.

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