DRG - Facts 2018

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    • Alter, wo war die Kamera denn... ?( Oje... :D

      Joa, war ein schönes Event!
      Disrupter lief wie erwarten schlecht, mehr als schlecht, ja geradzu garnicht... Mistding... Hier sind nun umfangreiche Umbauten geplant: neue Regler, neue Zahnräder, neue Ritzel, neuer Waffenmotor. Alles Grütze! ||

      LJ lief aber wie gewohnt sehr zuverlässig! Ich bin zwar dennoch ratz fatz aus dem Turnier ausgeschieden, aber das war nicht so schlimm. Es waren sehr spaßige Kämpfe und ich habe sie sehr genossen! :) Im Laufe des Events habe ich es doch auch tatsächlich geschafft, einen neuen Schalter (Tastend-0-Tastend) in meine Funke zu bauen. Nach 2h an der Funke rumprobieren, habe ich es dann auch tatsächlich programmiert gekriegt, den Heber mit eben diesem zu steuern... Wow! :love: Nun klappt das Liften... 8)
    • Schön dass ihr alle Spaß hattet. :thumbup:

      Replikator wrote:

      neue Regler,
      Was funktioniert an dem 4_1 nicht? Kann ich was verbessern?

      Habe mal die Bilder durchgesehen. Mir war gar nicht bewußt, dass ihr für die Beetleweights eine "Arena in der Arena" hattet.
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    • Replikator wrote:

      Mit deinen Reglern würde es bestimmt gehen, Reiner. Aber Brushlessantrieb und so... :D :P :pinch:
      Achso,... ich dachte, in Disrupter ist noch Brushed-Antrieb und der der 4_1 verbaut. Tja,... muss wohl doch irgendwann mal einen Brushless-Regler entwickeln.
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      Leitspruch: "Wer will, findet Wege. Wer nicht will, findet Gründe."
    • Ray Sun wrote:

      So, some afterthoughts and write ups of DRG with Menlo Robotics and Little Wukong. First of all if anyone had a look at the ChinaJoy event, you should know that Little Wukong is designed to fight with 2 front wedges, but due to the different weight limitation between FMB and DRG, Little Wukong need to remove those wedges to save weight and barely make the 13.6kg limit. The bot itself is not designed for 13.6kg European regulations and arenas, and the weapon actually relies on the wedge to achive it's efficiency. That already made Menlo a bit hopeless about this event, and me and the 2 team members: Tian Hong and Wang Yu (We call him "Brother Yu") had already came to an agreement during the day of arena building, that the goal of this event is to gain as much experiences as possible for the future possible builds of Menlo.
      The other thing that hampered Little Wukong is that due to itself being designed to fight with the wedges on, even when the wedges are off the weapon reach is not good. So bascially the weapon is quite ineffective with the DRG setup, but there's one thing that it's good at, that's the reliability, over the 2 events it competed the weapon has never endured any structual failure, so my advice for them is to ultilize this, and try to make as much hits as possible to gain points.
      And then it came BonX. This is bascially the opponent that the current setup of Little Wukong really don't want to face most. The weapon without the wedge can't get under BonX and toss it over, and due to the reach problem we can't use the tip speed to hopefully cut into the hardox surface either. So the only goal is very clear before the fight: If we want to lose, we want to lose gracefully. We will keep hitting and keep mobile, until the very end.
      Turns out we actually gave them quite a few good hits, actually during the start of the fight the plan went pretty well, with Little Wukong's hit actually preventing BonX from getting under at the front... for a while. Then Tim caught our chance and got under the palces where our weapon can't reach, to lift and slam us against the wall, our COG was not very low. And we are flipped.
      That brings to another problem, due to some design oversight Little Wukong actually can't make the wheels touching the grounds very well during the inverse, which means it's on the brink of being KOed everytime it's flipped! And the design made it can't self right with the gyro force. So in that fight instead of trying to self right, we are actually trying to make the bot has some translational movement to avoid KO by turning the weapon up to full speed, and try to hit BonX. We did a bit, but since this strategy has never been tried before, most of the time it's just BonX getting the backside and slamming us against the wall, urgh.
      But after a while BonX made a mistake and we are back on again, that made us still having the chance to continue the prepared strategy, that is to keep the weapon spinning and the bot mobile. And hit BonX as much as possible, and we did it, but with the fight coming to an end I already knew that we are lost, that flip and the control of BonX during that period is the killer. Nothing to argue at all.
      For the next 2 opponents (Satanix and Philipee Sr.) actually the fights are easier, since both of them are having some issues already. We also tried to retreat as quick as possible to avoid further damages, for these 2 fights our strategy is to wait until they show one big mistake, and attack the weakspots ASAP. It both worked, and that actually gave us some hope.
      ...Until the morning of day 2. We are now facing Conker 3, I knew Conker 3 has some issues this time, but I also know when it comes to reach and efficiency without the wedge we are no match. So the thoughts are still like the first 2 battles, wait for the chance of their mistakes, and go for a good hit.
      But it turns out we are the one that has been given a good hit! I saw Conker 3 is still zipping and zapping around the corner for a while, and I suggested the driver try not to move in hastly. But they do, and the most feared thing happened: When Little Wukong moves in, Conker 3 made an unexpected quick turn and got our bacside, and flipped us. We tried the same thing as the BonX fight, but since the arena is not that flat after a day of spinner actions, we got high centered. Bugger.
      But anyway, losing to a UK featherweight champ with a deadly weapon is always a pride, especially with the current setup of Little Wukong being able to do nowhere near it has been designed to (You an ask Tim and Heleen about what Little Wukong did to Rambi in ChianJoy, but I guess they already put that behind them after the revenge!). The teams has never been to an European event before, nor the bot was designed for it. Also the bot came almost unscratched, that means our journey was actually quite relaxing without any heavy repairs, this can be a bad thing right? But for a team and the bot that travelled about 10 hours of flight and very limited spare parts, this is the best outcome we can get.
      For the future there might will be a different robot from Menlo to fight in overseas events, and also the drivers learned a lot about the strategy in small arenas. Once again thanks for DRG for holding a great event, and hopefully we can start from this standing point to make the European qualifyer better and better!

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    • Die Resultaten von den Spiele findet euch im Anhang, inklusief ein übersicht von Spiele pro show.

      Scraptosaur, Midnight Oil, Lt Lee, Mecha Knights, Rockey, Race Robots, Artbots, Linefollowers.