Antriebe für Beetle-Weight ?

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    • Ist mir in's Auge gefallen:
      Current: 0.11 A (Stall 1.45 A)

      Speed: 360 RPM at 12V, 6V time is 170 RPM

      Die 1.45Ampere Blockadestrom finde ich etwas mau.
      Top ist, dass es ein Planetengetriebe ist und kein Stirnradgetriebe. Wie BB-Dirk geschrieben hat, das Getriebe verweenden und Motoren mit etwas mehr Durchzug einsetzen.
      Interesse an Elektronik für Schaukampfroboter und Kettenfahrzeuge (Fahrtregler, ESC) ? =>

      Leitspruch: "Wer will, findet Wege. Wer nicht will, findet Gründe."
    • Unsere holländischen Freunde Dennis und Stef bieten jetzt auch etwas in limitierter Stückzahl an:

      Metal Skull robotics wrote:

      Great news for the Beetleweight enthusiasts: we decided to produce a limited batch of our custom gearboxes. They have been performing above expectations and we feel confident that you guys can appreciate the improved reliability over the standard 25mm Chinese versions.
      We encountered a lot of issues with the standard gearboxes which we used in our Beetleweighs. This was annoying, not having a reliable drivetrain. Our solution was to design and fabricate new gearboxes, based on the standard available versions, but improved for combat applications. The gear ratio is 35:1 and the external dimensions are identical to the original ones. We use the DYS BE1806-2300kv on them in combination with 40mm wheels.
      The gearboxes have proven their reliability at the European Beetleweight championships, both Orbit and Bequinox were equipped with them and ended up first and fourth. The only problem we had with them was in Bequinox during its last fight, the actual brushless motor teared of the gearbox. This has now been improved by increasing the bolt size.
      The overall improvements are:
      • M2.5 bolts to mount the brushless motor, rather than the standard M2.
      • Custom motor shaft from silver steel (1.2210 / 115CrV3)
      • Hardened steel motor pinion
      • Brass spacer between motor pinion and front bearing to prevent the motor can from moving
      • Custom CNC machined aluminum enclosure (3.4365 / EN-AW7075)
      • Two sets of gears parallel to each other
      We can offer a limited amount of gearboxes for € 45,- a piece, including the modified DYS BE1806-2300kv brushless motor. If you’re interested please send us a private message.

      ,,Why does my motor need brushes if it doesn´t have hair?" - Charles Guan
      Team 08/15
      Team Jäger