Battlebots Returns...

  • A bit of a cool story following tonight's episode. About 3/4 through the filming day, we had a producer run up to us asking if we could fight. A few of the robots in the Top 32 were having issues, and it looked like they wouldn't be able to fight. Our bot was in pieces since we had torn it down diagnosing and fixing the drive cut-out issue from the Smee and Copperhead fights. It was fixed, but we hadn't put the 'bot back together yet. Since we only had two team members there, the incredible Valkyrie team threw their weight behind helping get us ready. In 21 minutes we rebuilt the robot, re-configured our speed controllers, tested in the test box, weighed, and pushed off to the arena. For reference, that'd usually take close to two hours. As we waited by the arena, the teams who were having issues made it to their fights with seconds to spare. That was it. As the final fight kicked off we sat back, our last hope of a miraculous last-second bid into the 32 over.
    With that done, we focused our energy on our upcoming Bounty Hunters (watch NOW on discovery+!) and making a list of what to improve on next season. The best is yet to come!


  • Ich bin in dieser Staffel schwer enttäuscht von Beta.

    Die neue pneumatische Waffe und das Absenken inkl. Magneten ist genial, aber zwei Dinge stören mich massiv:

    • Der Hammer wird kaum eingesetzt. Ich verstehe ein wenig die Zurückhaltung. Sinnlos den Hammer in die gegnerische Waffe schlagen, macht keinen Sinn. Dennoch haben sie sich bei diversen Gelgenheiten zum Schlag zurückgehalten.
    • Die Panzerung enttäuscht mich stark. Besonders die neuen Konzepte, die vertikale Spinner unter den Bot lenken. Wir hatten hier intern rest kürzlich die Diskussion ob solch ein Konzept sinnvoll ist. Für mich ist Beta die Bestätigung, dass es eher einen negativen Effekt hat.

    Finde ich sehr schade. Meiner Meinung nach wurde hier sehr viel Potential vergeben.

  • Did you know that Valkyrie is capable of bending and cutting through 1/2" Titanium? Check out SubZero - BattleBot
    's plow after our top 32 fight! SubZero definitely put our shock-resistance to the test with some crazy powerful flips! Might have even terrified the judges when we slammed into the wall 😅
    All in all, we had a great fight! SubZero packed quite a punch this year with a great flipper and impressive driving!



  • Achtung Spoiler zu Copperhead hier ein Video...

  • Achtung Spoiler zu Copperhead hier ein Video...