Team RCC robotter.

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    Wenn ich der Meinung gewesen wäre daß der leicht wärmende Removable Link am Bürkert einen Vorteil bringen würden, dann hätte ich euch das schon gesagt damit es beim nächsten mal geändert wird. Das Problem mit Vereisung habe ich in Adrenalin auch. Eigentlich müsste das da noch viel schlimmer sein weil ein ganz kleiner Puffertank benutzt wird. Aber man merkt sehr gut den Unterschied zwischen Events im Sommer und Winter.

  • Hannibalito 4 got a small upgrade in the weapon system. I hope that will counter the "limp flipper syndrome". If not, more rigorous changes will be implemented. We have 250 grams to do so.

    Hannibalito 3, after being charged and a refill of the CO2 bottle after the last fight in Bochum, and some sharp edge removal, was trown in the Roaming Robots arena@ Maidstone, and did the usual job, kicking others ass. Battery charged, full bottle and battlescarred it's awaiting the next event.

    Bullfrog got some small upgrades and a new left inner tube after Maidstone.

    Team RCC is also re-entering the Raptor class with the Inventor build robot, Eclipse .

  • AUAAAAA!!!
    I want to have the same milling and drilling park!

    Erfahrungen sind was sehr nützliches, leider macht man sie erst kurz nachdem man sie gebraucht hätte...

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    Original von Krümmel
    I want to have the same milling and drilling park!

    Just travel over, and we're going to have fun building stuff. Never said that the House of Chaos ain't welcoming.

  • [SIZE=3]MMM14 [/SIZE]
    The kick-off for this event started friday 28 september around 4 pm.
    Ellis (Relentless from the FRA forum) arrived with his parents, Peter and Tara, after a long travel in their motorhome, starting in Southern Spain. The purpose. Solving a nasty weapon-axle/sprocket problem.
    It took more time and creativity than expected. But it was a fun thing to do. During these McGyvermonents, Raverdave arrived with his machines.

    Babs had made a Bacon Explosion accompanied with warm cherries in thick syrup. A surpsingly tasty, but heavy dinner.

    Leo arrived around 8pm, and this marked a movement of materials from the van to the house of Chaos and visa versa.

    On with Tormenta II. A spare axle made from a screwdriver did prove hopeless. The steel got brittle as glass during the welding. So, no spare axle.
    The McGyvered axle/1/4bsp nut did keep in 1 piece during the carefull tests.

    Some small welding on Satanix 1.666, and we were ready for MMM14

    7 am. Wake up call for all the people in the House of Chaos, and we were driving at 8am. Arriving at the venue around 11am.

    Welcomed by a big table full with coffee and cake, as usual. And as usual those were delicious.
    The arena was ready, just the last light fixtures going up.

    12.07 the first ants got busy, and several good and hilarious fights later it was time for the Raptors.
    Several hard figths , as Enigma with the small but nasty disk dished out a load of wacks. But Baltazar, another vertical -larger-disk wasn't nice either. Lucky for the opponents, the wheelbase is narrow, and the gyrodance capacity is huge. Dark Wizard, another small verical disk user wasn't as effective, but kept on going thanks to the sturdy carbon/kevlar armor.
    Ltn Lee, as rambot, gave as good as it got, but did prove 10mm polycarbonate ain't up the task, not even in the 6 kg raptors. A few heavy hits on the steel frame made impressive gashes.*

    For us, Hannibalito 4 was going strange again. One flip hugely powerfull, sometimes even 2 or 3 good ones ,and then a lot of feeble weak lifts. Sometimes going into the fight, and not even 1 useable flip whatsoever. ?????
    Hannibalito 3 on the other hand went out, and kicked butt. In the arena, fight a good fight. Take out of the arena, remove bottle, fill bottle, mount bottle and in the mean time recharge the batteries. 20 minutes later is's back for more. But this time we had "real" damage. Daredevil, a new German drum spinner got in a good lick, and one of the cosmetic ears got ripped off.

    Result, Adrenaline stays German champ, Tormenta II came in second. Even with all the drivetroubles and weapon axle/sprocket that gave out after a few fights.

    [SIZE=3]Maidstone , here we come. [/SIZE]

    This time the event started a day early, saturday 6 october. Around 10 am , Kos arrived. Tough As Nails would make the trip with Leo's van, Kos and Jeroen were traveling with Gravity 5.2, taking the chunnel around 5 pm.
    A tad early, Kos and me went to Mapeco, the future venue for the 15 december event. (if there are forum-members interested, leave the wallets at home, or set a budget, as the brands sold at that place include Makita, DeWalt and Festool.)

    Marien and Leo joined us, and we started the first round of "Van loading for advanced roboteers". After this, Bullfrog got the last bits of electronics , a touch up on the 2 CO2 bottles, and a short test. And to the van with the Green Mean Machine.

    Having time to spare, we started reparing and upgrading Ltn Lee, Mariens Raptor. It got quite a beating at MMM14, cracking the 10mm polycarbonate baseplate and a series of dents and rips in the steel 20*20*2 box section. The box section got some welding and grinding , the cracked PC plate replaced by HDPE, and for giggles, added some hardox here and there.

    Still time to spare, rummaging trough the stockpile here, the idea's started to percolate. It ended up with a drive to a nearby DIY, buying a very very very cheap anglegrinder (and a spare).

    A txt message from Jeroen set us to the heavier work, and some cutting later, more stuff was loaded in the van. It seems Bullfrog is contagious.

    Saturday, keeping in mind that we would start traveling around 3 am, was closed of with a spicy stew and some gentle talk.

    A very early morning drive, and around 9 am local time we were setting up shop at the Maidstone leisure center.

    Team RCC had 3 fights. 3 with Bullfrog, and 1 with Hannibalito 3.

    The first fight with Bullfrog did show a disadvantage of a very low robot. It can slide between the steel cables of the RR arena flipper-annoying infrastructure.
    After this fight, refill the bottles, remove the LifePo4 batteries and charge those,mount everything, ready.

    The second fight did show some other weak points, but it was a good fight, as can be seenhere.
    As can be seen, liquid CO2 was being vented, but it wasn't a big concern at that moment. Not a big disaster in itself....
    Refill bottles, charge batteries

    3th fight. Razerdave at the wheel. Unfortunatly, the flipperarm started rising slowely when I opened the first bottle gently. Closing that bottle, and into the fight.
    Was a good fight, pity about the weapon as some great flips were in the offering.

    Hannibalito 3. Just entered it for 1 melee. Last week it came out of the arena at MMM14, gassed up and recharged batteries at that even. At home we did grind off some sharp edges, and at Maidstone we trew it in the arena, and it went for it. No complaints, no nags, no sags. Just plain flipping anything on the flipperarm

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    Danke Mario für die Berichte ! Interessant, was so alles am Rande passiert.


    the House of Chaos

    Bei euch auch ...? :grinning_squinting_face: Ich kenne hier eine kleine Wohnung mit Labor und Werkstatt.... *LaPalomaPfeif*

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    Y'ou'll like it here. Travel over a few days early for Mapeco, lodge here, and enjoy the possibilities.

    Danke für die Einladung ! Würde mich schon reizen, mal in Deiner Werkstatt etwas zu schnüffeln. :grinning_squinting_face:
    Aber ich befürchte, das wird mit unserem verfübaren Urlaubstagen etwas knapp werden. Wie heißt's in Bayern: "Schau'n ma mal" :winking_face:

  • First test drives done today.
    Looks fine, even with undervolted drive motors.
    (Thanks Dirk, your 18V motors have 1000KV, easy to work with)

    4.9 kg combat ready. Ain't that neat?

    More stats.
    DX6 and BR6000 TX/RX
    Speedo's BotBitz BB25 ESC. Flatliner 18V drill motors combined with a 2 stage 13.5/1 gearing to 130mm wheels.
    6S 2200mAh LiPo.

    Armor 6mm ali on the back, 5mm HDPE anywere else.

    Weapon. 1 kg spinning bar running 3Krpm, powered with a Speed 700 Turbo 12V BB.
    Gearratio 1-3 with Optima R belt, like most of us use... Great stuff.