Team RCC's Raptors.

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    • Dortmund 2019.

      Perun did well actualy, only 1 failure in the weekend. A motorcan unscrewing itself from the front plate.
      The fact the machine isn't very aggressive and the driver, Babeth, is learning to cope with the new drives in combat situations, made the ranking not as high as some would like.

      Upgrades? Replacing the scoop and some wheel protection seem right.

      Nebelwerfer4 shows maturation. The 2 failures. A broken belt and a lose weaponmotor wire can be traced to me, not the inherent machine, what came trough with only some scrapes, dents or otherwise cosmetic issues.
      With a load of spare armor parts in our toolbox, non have been used, and won't be needed.

      Upgrades? With 500 grams+ in reserve, we can do a lot. But the main thing will be cleaning up the wiring and simplifiying maintenance. I doubt weaponpower needs an increase.