Robochallange European Championship 21-22 Juli 2007

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    • Robochallenge European Championship 21-22 Juli 2007

      2007 Fighting Robots European Championships
      Hosted by ROBO CHALLENGE LTD.

      Robo Challenge are pleased to announce the 2007 European Championships for both Featherweight and Raptor class. On the 21st/22nd July the largest ever featherweight event will be taking place, and with up to 40 featherweights and 15 raptors, this will not be an event to miss out on!

      The full combat competition is being held in the Robo Challenge Grade 2 arena, meaning all robots conforming to the FRA build regulations will be allowed.

      Over the 2 days of combat, there will be 6 shows, consisting mainly of competition fights with 2 white boards in each session. Each robot entered into the main competition will have a minimum of 3 fights each to get a fair chance of progressing to the next round. Further details on the exact competition format will be published at a later date. Each competition fight will be judged by three independent judges to try and obtain the fairest decisions.

      The first 12 non-UK entries will be given £75 to help with travel expenses. This will be given out per FRA membership. I.e. if 6 robots are fighting under 1 FRA membership only £75 will be given.

      An entry fee of £5 per FRA membership is required to secure your place. This will enter 1 robot per team. Each extra robot entered under the same FRA membership will be a further £2. This Entry fund will go directly to the prize money and secure your entry into the championship. To up the stakes there will be a large prize fund – a minimum of £500!!!

      We are pleased to announce sign ups to the European Championships will be open this sunday at 12pm on

      More info about the venue and show times will be online sunday aswell.

      Also in addition to the prize money, Astroflight have kindly sponsored a top spec 112DC Charger!

      With lots of interest from teams all over europe its looking to be a promising turn-out so make sure you get signed up quickly as there are limited spaces. More info coming soon.


      Robo Challenge Crew

      Many thanks and hope you come over for the event to

      kind regards

      James Cooper

      Robo Challenge

      Wo? In der gegend von Birmingham
      wann? 21 und 22 Juli
      Wer? Robo Challenge
      Welche klasse? Feather und Raptor (separate kämpfe)

      Der erste 12 teams die nicht von der UK kommen bekommen 75 pfund reisegebur.

      Reservierung öfnet morgen um 12 uhr mittags auf

      Team RCC

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    • @Leo: Danke für den Hinweis und den Text der Einladung!

      wann? 21 und 22 Juli

      Original von delldog
      Wir Dellis können bei diesem Termin nicht ;(

      Tja, die Veranstalter haben leider nicht bedacht, dass an diesem Wochenende die erste Europäische Hochzeit von zwei Roboteers stattfindet. ;)
      Interesse an Elektronik für Schaukampfroboter und Kettenfahrzeuge (Fahrtregler, ESC) ? =>
    • Tja, die Veranstalter haben leider nicht bedacht, dass an diesem Wochenende die erste Europäische Hochzeit von zwei Roboteers stattfindet

      Das ist nicht das erste mahl. Dar sind 2 roboteer pare fruher verheirateted.

      Beide vond Firestorm Team sind nach series 6 geheiratet.

      Und die von Storm II sind jetzt ungefehr 2 jahre verheirateted.

      (UK ist auch Europa, obwohl das manch mahl vergessen werde)

      Aber trotzdem, ein shone hochzeit gewunscht von mir.

      Team RCC

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    • Der liste bis jetzt:

      Viilake (Finland-6kg)
      Hyperion (finland-6kg)
      Prolodju (finland-6kg)
      Purse (finland feather)
      Kaizer XP
      Hornet 2
      Mini Mighty Mouse (current UK champion)
      Hannibalito 2 (Netherlands)
      Plofbox 2 (Netherlands)
      Nebelwerfer (netherlands-6kg)
      Hannibalito (Netherlands)
      Stingray (6kg)
      Predator/Captain Scarlet
      Mr Happy
      PloughBot Evo
      Tuff Luck 2
      The Dragon King
      Push n Shove
      Stiff Breeze
      Tronic One
      Dragon Strike
      LF2 (white board)
      LH2 (white board)
      TwoKiloWhack (6kg)
      Seargent Scarlet (6kg)

      Hyperion ist dabei, und Nebelwerfer. Das werded ein shöner kampf sein. :]

      Team RCC