Team RCC robotter.

    • Neu

      After the last MMM and a "DRG clubday", Kashei, Hannibalito and Perun got some TLC.

      Hannibalito. A small but persistent leak between main bottle and buffertank became a large leak.
      A new buffertank and some changes in piping. Problem solved.
      Fitted with a 40A fuse and drives that have every bolt Loctite'd it looks that the issue with failing drive is gone.

      Kashei. Except a lot of lose bolts and some wear and tear on the weapongears mechanical nothing special to report. Loctite applied and let see how it will go in the future.
      Self removing link. Added a retainer to the link hatch to solve this.

      Perun. The big changes are the replacement of the Scorpion XL with an IBF4.5 and the 3S 4000mAh hardcase LiPo to a "common" 3S 2200mA LiPo. Some small changes to increase user friendly maintenance and ready for the next event.

      Plans for the future. Resurrection of Nebelwerfer....