Team RCC robotter.

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    • The speedo's are the ones we took out of Caliope.

      In 2 weeks the arena will tell us if the experiment is a succes, or a failure.

      I feel rather confident that it will drive nicely.

      The weapon,that will be a question. The flipperarm is a lot longer and more slender.
    • Yesterday, we had a small gathering at the DRG chairmans house.

      Not a lot of people, and even less robots.
      We had only 3 with us. Hannibalito 3.2, Nebelwerfer and Perun.
      K.a.L.M had Bulls-it with him. Kos's Firestarters drive with temporary armor.
      And Mytras had HDPEcker.

      In short, no competition but just a gentle autumn afternoon with some test-play fights.

      Nebelwerfer 2.1 and Perun did just what they do.
      Not fighting each other tough, Nebelwerfer isn't a gentle sort.

      Hannibalito 3.2's maiden fights. For the first time with a full bottle. Pity we didn't film it this time. But the flips are improved with the new flipperarm. Selfrighting is "Mute style". Drive works well enough, no glitches, no hickups, just going like they should go.

      Things to do now.
      First getting the heavies ready for Maidstone.
      Replacing the leaking hose in Kan Opener with a solid steel tube.
      Test Bullfrogs repaired pneumatics and changed drive characteristics.

      TLC Hannibalito3.2
      More groundclearance. The soft RC tyres, combined with the flexible mounting and low groundclearance from the start (a new thing for us) made it bottoming out easely.
      Bigger battery. 3S 2200mAh is enough for 1 3 minute fight. Unfortunatly, we have 4 minute fights. With only 10% left in the battery, it's a too close call for our comfort. We're going to ease logistics , and fit the 4000mAh hardcase Zippy as we use in Perun and Nebelwerfer.
      The main bottle kept unscrewing itself, after a few flips, it was a serious leak every fight. So, a better locking setup.
      Armor mounting in front. The rivnuts are being pulled out of the steel chassis.
      Easiest solution is to weld those in. A better secundary plate is also called for. The 2mm mild steel will be replaced with Hardox.

      1 persistent leaking connector will get the royal treatment. It will be welded. That should take care of leakage.

      Finishing the rebuild of Utopia and Defector.

      Building Valkiri 3. Smaller thicker, heavier disk with a lower RPM. Brushless drives like H3.2.

      Improve Nebelwerfer 2.1 with a better disk-support.

      Replace the 3 Speed 900's in Kashei with brushless.
      The axe will get the NTM5060 380 KV with a this esc.
      Drives will become a variant of the Nebelwerfer/H3.2 drive. Replacing the small HK 2858 motors with 3650 Trackstar motors. Trackstar 60A v2 speedo's.

      And that's not counting anything else that will crop up. After all, it's only 6 months to the next UK champs.

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    • First bits for Valkiri 3 are ordered.

      Drivemotors won't trackstars, but the bigger brothers of the ones in Nebelwerfer and H3.2. The S3650.

      Oh, btw, we are planning to use such one to replace the way slower Turnegy S540 in Nebelwerfer.

      The new disk is a tad smaller. From 390mm to 358mm, but more solid. 12mm thick from the 8mm of the current one. Also half a kilo heavier.

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    • With thanks to our Swedish companion, Markus, Hannibalito 3.2 has gotten the changes we planned.

      10mm more groundclearance.

      4000mah battery to replace the 2200mAh.

      All leaks in the CO2 setup plugged.

      Rivnuts in welded.
      Secundary 2mm mountingplate replaced with a 5mm thick plate.

      Valkiri's 3 disk is finished. 4.2 kg with pulley and bushings.

      Bullfrog is tested, and is ready for Maidstone. The reconfigured drive does the job better.

      Kan Opener has the new tube, but we need to take our time to bleed the setup.

      Utopia is ready for the finishing touches in the UK.
    • The drives are Robot Power Magnums, with a 20-1 gearratio. The 775 size motor is in between a 540 and a speed 900.
      We adapted the output shaft so the wheels as in Kashei and Hannibalito 3.2 can be used.

      Battery, we would like to keep it simple, and use only 1 6S pack.
      But if that isn't possible, a 3S or 4S pack dedicated for drive is an option. Like we did in Caliope.