Team RCC robotter.

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    • A more elaborated report.

      Thursday morning. Knowing that the machines are ready, having them checked before leaving home, we wait for the fights. But alas, Murphy was around, and his first hit. 1 Robot, 1 Driver. Only Leo is experienced, so we decide, Leo will handle Hannibalito, I will try to control Valkiri

      First fight with Valkiri. Beauty in the ring. 3-2-1 Activate, and I react like a recently flattened snail. BOOM, 1 flip and Valkiri gouges the polycarbonate deeply, OOTA, case closed.

      Hannibalito goes in the ring, Spur2 and Rabid M8 as opponents. During test test at home and the tech check everything was in working order, in the arena 1 drive fails. That was that. Done.
      After checking, it's the brushless motor that unscrewed itself. The front plate is in essence a large bolt with a very fine thread, and that came undone far enough to disengage the pinion.

      Second fight of Valkiri. In the arena, linking up, only the esc of the disk is beeping "Hey, signal please". The rest is dark and silent. Try linking up again, no result. Forfait the fight and on the workbench we diagnosed and remedied the problem even before the fight was finished. The servoleads from the reciever to the IBF esc weren't connected.

      Second fight of Hannibalito. Having difficulties driving ,it was difficult to avoid the opponents or flip them. After getting turtled , everything stopped. Fight over again.
      No real damage tough, even with Drumroll in the arena. Minimoth is a tough nut to crack, and incredebly well driven.
      Again opening up the robot , and the reason for the total black out. The custom RC switch we use for years now failed. The BEC from the esc's can't cope with that kind of load, and browned out.
      Scrounged up a replacement, a battleswitch , and it looked like it would work.

      Hannibalito's third fight. Galactus and Spur2.
      The borrowed battleswitch is rubbish, totaly unreliable.
      Galactus went first into the pit, Hannibalito got stacked on top of it. Luckely that Galactus's drum doesn't do a lot against HDPE as it was still going full pelt untill leo asked the driver to stop spinning and ramming the pit-walls.

      Valkiri's third fight. Decimator and Hatchet. Everybody was eager to see Decimator and Valkiri going head to head.
      I have to admit, I was a lot less eager, and Sam, Hatchets driver wasn't relaxed either. But it's Robot Wars, not Barbiecuddling. So we went for it.
      I tried to steer Valkiri towards Decimator, and Glen was returning that favor.
      After a painfull exchange of blows and a bit of gyrodancing, Decimator in the pit, and Valkiri on Hatchets scoop (stupid me welding that up last year). A race to the sidewall, and BANG The results are ratehr spectacular. The big loser, the arena again.

      That was the end of the competition for us. That ment it wasn't worth trying to repair Valkiri (or was it Valriki?), Decimator peeled 1 corner open like a sardinecan.

      We went whiteboards with H3.2, to find further problems, and solve the drive issue's. The only thing we lack now is a decent RC switch.
      We're going for a shotgun approach (aka, Nicks beater solution, source everywere)

      Leo, Kos(Jeroen) and Babs can write better reports with more information from their perspective.

      One thing I have to mention. Leo arranged our hotel nearby the venue (less than 15 minutes drive). I was impressed. Never stayed in such a fine hotel before.
      My experience is with places like Travelodge, Premier Inn, even Formule 1 or the hotel we use for the German Events in Bochum, a small family run hotel build in the 60's and the only thing changed are the showers and some of the furniture (with Ikea stuff).

      Best Western Manor hotel in Meriden gets 2 tumbs up.

      The in hotel bar & grill "Houstons" has a small but complete menu. Ranging from snacks like nacho's with different toppings, to flatbreads with other different toppings, trough pasta's and steaks, but what I remember best are the hamburgers.

      The hotel restaurant is somewhat more expensive, but the awards do tell the truth. it's fine eating, albeit with "civilised portions".
      The exclamations of Leo and Babs when they tasted the desert, chocolate mousse urged me to have one myself. I won't kill for it, but robbing a baby....
    • Hab den Bot Live gesehen, :) die Komponenten wurden in einem Kompletten HDPE Block eingearbeitet, nur so viel Raus gefräst, das alles genau rein geht, machen an der dünnsten stelle 20mm HDPE Panzerung, glaub die Reifen zu schützen macht nicht all zu viel Sinn, es ist ein Axtbot der sich um 180 Grad vor und zurück drehen muß, wie will man da die Räder Sinnvoll schützen?

      Wir bauen Showkampfroboter, unsere Homepage schaut mal rein!
    • Event report time again.

      DRG at the Antwerp Convention 2015.

      Saturday, Leo arrives first and we finish the rebuild of Valkiri's armor. Now with sloped hardox front and wheelguards.

      Niels and Kos arrive too. Niels starts on putting the IBF 4.5 to the test in Koekblik. Kos solders a new A123 pack for Firestarter.

      Bacon Explosion for supper... Mom makes a hot choco with or without rum later on the evening.

      Loading Leo's van and we're ready for the event.

      Sunday, we arrive around 9am, and setting up camp. The roomy pits has a nice layout, a lot of people can watch us work.

      We attracted a lot of people. Every session, with the first sounds of battle, people flocked to the stand like zombies to an enclave of the living. (and there were quite a few zombies in the crowd)

      With 4 machines team RCC has its work cut out.
      After 18 fights in 1 day, with all the machines exiting the arena in reasonable shape, we can look at a succes. So bad it went at the World Champs, the good it went this time.

      Things to do after this event.
      Perun: In the last fight 1 drive failed, and Leo's driving made it look as if it didn't happen. No idea what failed, but both drives are mechanicaly in good shape.

      Hannibalito3. Now we're sure the brushless drives ain't ideal. Fiddling with the settings over 10 fights doesn't show any improvement. We can move, but it's no fun.
      Going brushed again is in the books. Replacing the drives isn't that difficult, those drives are GR02's with a small brushless motor bolted on. Replacing that motor isn't rocket science, and mounting an IBF is easy enough.

      Nebelwerfer2. Except the ripped appart timing belt and the weapon esc cutting out it performed great.
      The 200 grams we have left will be used for a belt protecting plate and a better esc for the weapon.

      Valkiri 3. The DRG arena suffered like the Robochallenge arena. A huge gash in the stainless plate proves the layered concept works.
      Several other robots are worse for wear now. Example. Arrg(valkiri1) has sung its last song. A liPo-ectomy was performed.
      Unfortunatly, with lifting one of the arena sidewall pannels during the vacuümcleaner demo, Valkiri suffered a hernia. With some first aid she could finish the event.
      A serious diet and some spinal reïnforcements it should be remedied and become better than new.