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  • HDPE is my choice of material over Polycarb. HDPE doesn't break (unless you have knifesharp corners) is lighter, cheaper and easier to warm-work without making it brittle. Unless stiffness is required, even but then I would look at aluminium or even titanium. The disadvantage is the inablity to glue it in any useable form.

  • Since a few years Team RCC uses a cross between a torsion bar and leaf spring suspension. We call this the T-frame setup. Hannibalito 3 mk IV used it extensively, and I doubt anyone will call H3 unsuccesfull. Allied teams took the system over, and the results don't lie. Due the light weight of this construction methode, it is easely adaptable to 4 or even 6WD setups.

  • Small hint. If you want all the wheels in contact with the uneven floor, you'll need some suspension. Otherwise, most of the time you'll have 3 wheels in contact , maybe 4.

  • Yep, Nebelchen will sacrifice some weight to protect the battery a tad better. The top plate is only 5mm HDPE. I guess 3mm ti or even hardox won't hurt. And the new feather, if the experiments with the different yield one result that is useable, we have the next gen.

  • Evil plans. Dark and deep mad science. Imagine what I can do with all that untapped magnetic power... Muhahahahahaha But no, it's not to improve traction nor to make a stronger motor. It will be an experiment to build an axe or flywheel powered flipper.

  • Just ordered 70 5*2mm rare earth magnets.

  • A last ditch try with reïnforced everythings on the Kashei axe setup did prove a waste of time. As a weaponless armored box it wasn't a disaster, but it can't push for beans due the less than optimal weight distribution, nor can it self right , and that defeats that kind of purpose. Kashei is no more. The drive will go in storage untill a new machine needs it. Kashei 2 was planned for, but with the new knowledge gained we're going to experiment with different kinds of clutches.

  • Dortmund 2019. Perun did well actualy, only 1 failure in the weekend. A motorcan unscrewing itself from the front plate. The fact the machine isn't very aggressive and the driver, Babeth, is learning to cope with the new drives in combat situations, made the ranking not as high as some would like. Upgrades? Replacing the scoop and some wheel protection seem right. Nebelwerfer4 shows maturation. The 2 failures. A broken belt and a lose weaponmotor wire can be traced to me, not the inherent machin…

  • HDPE Schweißen

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    Post The welding hot-air gun used is the classic, unbeatable Leister Triac.

  • Hoch Frequenz Induktionshärten...

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    Need a 4Kw 187KHz variant.

  • Why bother, with import taks and P&P that motor is more expensive compared to a good brushless outrunner and ESC. Also, Ampflow/Magmotors are "hot wound" motors. A 24V version is on the edge of meltdown without overvolting.

  • KCut normaly has a 1 day "cutting servce". If you pay for faster, insured delivery with UPS or so, you can have the parts in 2 days.


  • Quote from Runsler: “that sounds really great, would love if we could take one or two of these... we're not big guys, and at least i'm used to sleep wherever is space. but still have to resort the driving issues (it's a long way) and make the bot work. ” Just send a PM, we'll fit you in a corner somewere. If you arrive on Friday afternoon, the workshop didn't melt (yet)

  • Like previous installments, we have a few sleeping spots at out humble home. Not the most comfortable, nor spacious, but you won't find them cheaper. Babeth & Mario

  • Gebrauchte IBF-Fahrtregler

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    With batterydrill drives like the GR02's, Neptunes or REC, we smoked a lot of motors once we installed the 60A fuse. But no IBF4.5. Reiner is rather conservative in his specifications. He uses real amps, not Chinesium amps

  • Quote from Team Explosive: “Die besten Fahrtregler sind die von IBF. Sind mit 100 - 150 € aber auch recht teuer. Aber normale Regler ohne diese Zwangspause zu finden ist relativ schwer. Die Fahrtregler, die ich bisher gekauft hatte hatten immer diese nervige Zwangspause. ” With the versitality and consumerfriendlyness of the IBF ESC's, the €150 isn't expensive. Team RCC started with the "Blues" and regretted every second of it, A brief transition fase with Robot Power Sidewinders(still our Go-To…

  • Blähboy - FlipUp-Zylinder

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    In the years I'm building rams, the one with the best return capacity was the one in Hannibalito4. Big bore, short stroke. Less fulcrum effect on the rod in the bushing of the top plate. For Hannibalito 5 I went with a 60*60 ram, what is about the same as Ballista.

  • Nothing special. 4040 size (40mm diameter 73mm long) wich custom shaft and KV.