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  • Gebrauchte IBF-Fahrtregler

    maddox - - Robot-Flohmarkt


    With batterydrill drives like the GR02's, Neptunes or REC, we smoked a lot of motors once we installed the 60A fuse. But no IBF4.5. Reiner is rather conservative in his specifications. He uses real amps, not Chinesium amps

  • Zitat von Team Explosive: „Die besten Fahrtregler sind die von IBF. Sind mit 100 - 150 € aber auch recht teuer. Aber normale Regler ohne diese Zwangspause zu finden ist relativ schwer. Die Fahrtregler, die ich bisher gekauft hatte hatten immer diese nervige Zwangspause. “ With the versitality and consumerfriendlyness of the IBF ESC's, the €150 isn't expensive. Team RCC started with the "Blues" and regretted every second of it, A brief transition fase with Robot Power Sidewinders(still our Go-To …

  • Blähboy - FlipUp-Zylinder

    maddox - - Waffensysteme


    In the years I'm building rams, the one with the best return capacity was the one in Hannibalito4. Big bore, short stroke. Less fulcrum effect on the rod in the bushing of the top plate. For Hannibalito 5 I went with a 60*60 ram, what is about the same as Ballista.

  • Nothing special. 4040 size (40mm diameter 73mm long) wich custom shaft and KV.

  • Team RCC's Raptors.

    maddox - - All Stars Gallerie - Raptoren


    @ Jonas . Doesn't fit. Tried it tough. @ Reiner, Sorry. But the problem we had in Perun, driving straight, was the result of the brushed motors. We tried the spare drives of Nebelwerfer and it went all better.

  • Team RCC's Raptors.

    maddox - - All Stars Gallerie - Raptoren


    After the less than succesfull Dortmund event, we had a a few ideas. Nebelwerfer is repaired. A new shaft with a new mounting and welding methode should solve the failure. Perun.... brushless now.

  • And Hannibalito 5 didn't pan out. We'll have a look at Hannibalito 3, maybe resurrecting that one for the next event. Oh well. Worked on Kashei today. That machine is ready to rumble again, but we're plain out of parts we can reïnforce/improve inside the limits of the machine.

  • We're charging batteries, filling CO2 bottles and giving the machines a last checkup. In other words, we'll be there.

  • We used a EC5 in Bullfrog. worked fine. EC5 in Valkiri. Worked fine. Kashei. Hmm, seems we hit a dead spot here, as the style changed a bit. having troubles now. The other machines use EC3 or XT60 for links.

  • 1349

    maddox - - All Stars Gallerie - Raptoren


    A 20mm diameter hole in the bottom plate will save you 5 gram. Chopping the Hardox down with 10mm will give you about 70 gram. maybe you can win some weight by drilling holes in the box section.

  • That is not cheap. I pay €25 for a normal size bottle of pure argon. (the rent of €7 a month for a bottle is another matter)

  • Hellraiser

    maddox - - All Stars Gallerie - Featherweights


    You're using antigravity steel?

  • Malankaia Baba Yaga was a 108mm diameter 13Krpm 75 gram full body spinner. Lets us round it off to 150 joules. (according the Team Cosmos calculator )

  • CO² - Anschlüsse etc.

    maddox - - Waffen


    1/2 BSP is a specialised thread that gives a threaded pipe connection with an inside diameter of 1/2 inch. The outside is 21mm and change. 5/8UNF is a " fine thread bolt" and doesn't take inside diameters in account. UNC is the normal US bolt thread, NPT is the US version of BSP Paintball bottles are threaded 5/8 UNF female. So yes, the linked die is the right one to make a connector that goes into the bottle directly. It's actualy how I do it. I take a 20mm steel rod, turn it down and thread it…

  • René, Nebelwerfer uses a TPpower 3620 motor , and that was originaly 51mm long. Now it fits the rules

  • The extra connector for LED or RC switch is just a cherry on the whipped cream. You're a genius Reiner.

  • The rules state clearly, the housing of a brushless inrunner shouldn't be bigger than 50mm long and 36mm diameter. As written, Nebel uses a 36mm long 28mm diameter drivemotor... And I don't think anybody will call that drive underpowered. Yes, we have 3650 motors that fit the bill. But it's 200+ grams heavier on the drive, and we can't get the power to the floor on 2 wheels. So, why bother powersliding each second?

  • If we need more power, we have these as alternatives on the HK 2836's The 10Y Or these…v-brushless-inrunner.html

  • What we have is an inrunner, but seems no longer available. Oh well, the specs of the motor. 28mm diameter, 36mm length , 3.175mm shaft 2800KV 3-4S 30A max.

  • Nebelwerfer uses the tiny HK 2836 motors, coupled with a "commercial adapted batterydrill drive". On the picture it's with GR02's and 25A trackstar ESCs. Now it's with Neptunes and SimonK'd Afro 30's.