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  • you should definitly look to shoulder bolts. look how pulsar fixed his hardox disks to his drum. what you are planing right now doesnt stand a change of stay in place. stef

  • those m14 bolts are the only bolts that will hold te disks in place? they will probably break on the first hit. we had this also on equinox. stef

  • Zitat von Kernkraftwerk: „Man, war ja echt gut besucht das Turnier. Glückwunsch zur gelungenen Ausrichtung! Hat sich der Aufwand dann ja gelohnt. Und jetzt schon die Videos online, so wünscht man sich das als Nichtbeteiligter Echt klasse! Aufgekommen sind bei mir da zwei, drei Fragen: Was ist der Grund dafür, dass sich etliche Bots in der Leitplanke verklemmen? Otis: 0 Punkte im ersten Kampf? Nicht angetreten, oder weshalb? Was war bei Adios los? Cpt. Spaulding ohne Sichel. Wieso das? “ yeah fir…

  • We are ready for next weekend! 20170402_103400.jpg Team Msr

  • 14563383_325827761117288_3069753947364768322_n.jpg 14590303_325788354454562_7324181854860466032_n.jpg 14568047_325788371121227_613565441922673130_n.jpg

  • The pictures and movi will speak for them self.. 14712929_326028664430531_195246711005244802_o.jpg 14692202_326028724430525_5733196512643073719_o.jpg 14706918_326028834430514_4681032052981191505_o.jpg 14712590_326028901097174_8159313898639749675_o.jpg 14612410_326028937763837_7384409035847720190_o.jpg 14700790_326029077763823_2643491645004718780_o.jpg 14681063_326029157763815_7289252306434953892_o.jpg 14708006_326029391097125_7070599721413130167_o.jpg 14715570_326029487763782_5637429719605416111…

  • It has been a productive weekend! Two weekends to go before the competition at Facts in Gent, Belgium. 14468472_318317265201671_2222562896885098324_o.jpg 14570816_318317451868319_282659924859350053_o.jpg 14468698_318317505201647_3491031457332929507_o.jpg 14500201_318317588534972_651639147437114885_o.jpg 14542425_318317641868300_2771401354468618283_o.jpg 14567413_318317688534962_4053116818911754833_o.jpg 14570697_318317711868293_7719006021793090198_o.jpg 14444953_318317731868291_51822141321709240…

  • The wheel are already 2 events old, i will cast them al over when omega is back in the garage. We shipped the robot to Birmingham and fly over there instead of going with the car. This week the robot will be shipped back to us. I am also thinking off using the shore 60 for the back tires and using shore 35 for the front. In the movies you can see that when i make a hard turn. The back wheel are sliding, the center of the robot is almost between the two frond wheels. I think this is due the heavy…

  • Last weekend we had a 3 day event at the insomnia58 at the NEC in birmingham. We took 5th place with omega out of the 32 robots total. We did not win it with out a scratch, the main body is little bit bent, and one of the motors had a broken bearing. But we replaced the two motors with in one our at the event. Here are some damage pictures and some movies of the fights. The fight against DB10 caused most of the damage. I think the fight against disturbance was the most tactical one because i had…

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    stef110 - - All Stars Gallerie - Beetles


    Thats looks awesome!

  • We also getting good response from Hal Rucker the builder of ringmaster! stef

  • As some of you may have seen on facebook, we are building a new beetleweight ring spinner. This weekend we made a lot of progress most of the parts are already done. Here are some pictures of what we made so far. If you want to see more like us on facebook! Outside.jpg 20160723_193104.jpg 20160723_200448.jpg 20160723_202441.jpg 20160724_141029.jpg 20160724_164149.jpg 20160724_141242.jpg 20160724_172200.jpg team metalskullrobotics

  • The only real visible damage is that I mis small a piece of titanium on the right front side next to the drum. The back stuff on the drum is from perun. 20160703_210211.jpg stef

  • I put the starter post to the translater XD. In my opinion brushless is now the way to go! the amount of power of Omega is amazing. On omega we use a 270kv outrunner at a 6s lipo. witch gives us 6000 rpm on full throttle the same as a graupner 900. We have a reduction of about 1:9 with 85mm wheels. Witch drives incredible accurate! The tz85's with simonk firmware are pretty good. It seems that a vesc is able to put even more power out of a motor but in our case a tz85 will do the trick. stef

  • Today received nice second handed Haimer 3d taster to dial out my work pieces on all 3 axis! 20160623_185445.jpg stef

  • Yeah it looks a bit messy, i have a nice enclosure ready to fit everything in. The new motor upgrade is done, i also put new spindle bearings in it. Today made my first real work piece for some one else. 20160528_150058.jpg 20160529_123221.jpg 20160605_141416.jpg 20160605_141422.jpg stef

  • 20160526_184645.jpg

  • A step file of the part will be the best. For 2d cutting work a dxf will also be fine. Machining limits are 450*160mm. Today i smoked up the old milling motor, now i have to make the last parts by hand before i can in stall the new milling motor. stef

  • New spindle motor and VFD arrived, now have to make some brackets to attach it to the milling head. I also gone add a belt drive system instead of the plastic gears that are in right now. Today made the mounting plate for the motor. 20160523_182812.jpg 20160524_202924.jpg 20160524_210934.jpg